What is it ?


It is a premium given by the “Housing Action”. It is intended for covering private sector employees’ expenses linked to their professional mobility if they are relocated more than 70km from their current location.


NB: every private company with more than 10 employees contribute to the “Housing Action”.


Who can benefit from it ?


The employees of companies liable to the 1% housing and with more than 10 persons.

The premium is for employees regardless of their status or seniority, who have to move from their principal residence or have to get a secondary residence when joining a company or in case of internal professional mobility.


There is also an income ceiling not to exceed (see below):


Which costs are covered ?


The relocation expenses as a grant to Claire Relocation Service and without having to make any down payment.

“Housing action” will pay Claire Relocation Service directly.


The estate agent fees as a loan at 1%.


What is the amount of the premium ?


3500 € in 2 different ways :


  • With mobility services :


2200 euros financed exclusively for the relocation services and 1500 euros in the form of a loan at 1% for other expenses like the estate agent fees.


  • Without mobility services :


3500 euros for the relocation services in a form of a loan at 1%, except for the moving expenses.

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